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WR Group will design an economically viable route, select the most efficient mode of transportation, organize and control the process of transportation to EAEU, taking the conditions of movement and storage of cargo into account

When supplying equipment for the construction of large industrial facilities in EAEU, the main task of a logistics company is to organize the delivery of cargo by the optimal route, on time and with minimal financial costs. WR Group acts as a single service operator and manages the transport logistics process, including the allocation and coordination of resources on a centralized basis.

An integral part of the transportation of equipment to EAEU is thorough preparation of the cargo transportation process in advance. As part of the preparation, WR Group specialists formulate tasks according to which they plan the route and select vehicles together with the customer.

WR Group carries out transportation to EAEU by any type of transport: land (road and rail), water (sea and river), air transport. When analyzing different modes of transport, we take three important factors into account: the characteristics of the goods transported, timing and budget
  • WR Group specialists are well acquainted with the specifics of the infrastructure even in the most remote corners of EAEU. We will analyze the geography of destinations and the properties of the cargo, select the appropriate mode of transport and offer several route options, taking the agreed terms, possible risks and costs into account
  • We will prepare and coordinate shipping documents, check permits and export documentation
  • We will develop a plan for warehouse distribution and placement of goods and cargo on the route to Russia. We will organize equipment and carry out loading and unloading operations
We use the latest technologies to control the transportation process, with the help of which we constantly monitor the location of the cargo and the condition of the vehicle. Track & Trace service allows the customer to track the movement of cargo throughout the entire transportation process.

We react quickly to external factors and take measures to optimize the route in order to reduce delivery time, fuel consumption and the overall level of transportation costs


Within the framework of project transportation to EAEU, WR Group often uses land transport to deliver goods and equipment over short distances. Automobile transport is the most accessible, fast and mobile. WR Group carries out road transportation of cargoes of all types and dimensions, including non-standard, large-sized, groupage, balanced and dangerous, along the route Europe-EAEU and beyond, taking all the features of cargo transportation into account. With the help of the Track & Trace service, you can track where your cargo is at any time during transportation.
We will deliver industrial enterprises and equipment even to the most remote corners of EAEU, taking the specifics of the infrastructure into account. We will provide all the necessary vehicles, including GPS-controlled ones, and equipment for transporting cargoes: from a road train with a trailer or semi-trailer to mega-trailers. We organize, within the framework of an industrial project, the delivery of FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less Than Truckload) cargoes and provide services for their customs clearance.

If your project involves the transportation of oversized cargo, we use platforms, low loaders, self-propelled modular transporters SPMT for the transportation of oversized and very heavy cargoes. Upon request, as an additional service, we will provide tarpaulin, prepare transport drawings, help with the preparation of CMR bills of lading and conduct a route check. We will deliver the cargo by an economically viable and safe route directly to the consignee’s warehouse.

WR Group uses round trips from Europe to EAEU, which allows to optimize the logistics processes of European manufacturers and reduce financial costs
The experienced staff of WR Group will ensure a high level of security for your cargo during delivery. We carry out international road transport in compliance with all the necessary standards and requirements for modern means of transportation. We work with qualified delivery drivers and modern vehicle fleets. We carry out cargo transportation by transport that meets international environmental standards. We deliver cargo from door to door without transshipment
We have an extensive network of direct representatives in Europe and beyond, which allows us to offer services of regular road transport of goods and equipment to EAEU from anywhere in Europe and neighboring countries


A universal and relatively inexpensive way to transport cargoes over long distances is sea transport. International shipping by water will be one of the most reliable and cost-effective routes if delivery speed is not a determining factor in the transportation of goods. WR Group specialists will carefully plan and prepare the process of delivery from a long distance to any port of EAEU in advance. The unlimited carrying capacity of sea freight allows WR Group to deliver very large volumes of cargo by water, as well as non-standard and oversized cargo to EAEU from anywhere in the world
WR Group organizes international port-to-port, door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-door delivery. We will select the best option and route for cargo of any volume and dimensions

Reliable sea transportation, carried out by the WR Group within the framework of industrial projects, guarantees the delivery of cargo from any port of the world to its destination on time

For international shipping we use crane ships, container ships, RoRo ships, bulk carriers and tankers, depending on the characteristics of the cargo
We will deliver the cargo from the sender’s warehouse to the cargo port and from the feeder port to the recipient’s warehouse by road or rail. We organize crane equipment and carry out the necessary loading and unloading operations. If necessary, we will carry out the transshipment of cargoes to feeder ships at the terminals and the carriage of cargoes by river transport. We will help you prepare transport and accompanying documentation. We will predict possible risks in transit time and fulfillment of deadlines

Air transportation

The advantages of air transport are the minimum delivery time for long-distance transportation, high safety standards, the possibility of quick transshipment and subsequent shipment of goods. WR Group carries out air cargo operations for the transportation of high-urgency, fragile and / or valuable cargo to EAEU, as well as in the framework of multimodal transportation, in combination with other modes of transport, which significantly reduces transportation costs
Thanks to a wide network of partners and cooperation with airlines around the world, WR Group ensures safe delivery of goods to EAEU from anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. We organize cargo charters for transcontinental air transportation with cargo delivery even to the most remote corners of EAEU. We will individually develop a logistics scheme for the delivery of cargoes, taking their characteristics and infrastructure features into account. We will help you prepare transport documentation
WR Group provides international air operations for the transportation of any type of cargo: dangerous, valuable, oversized. As part of industrial projects, we provide reliable and fast transportation of goods, documentation, equipment and spare parts by air with the ability to track the cargo in transit. If necessary, we provide services for customs clearance of cargo at any airport on the territory of the Eurasia

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation (combined transportation) is a special type of freight transportation in which cargo is transported over long distances using several (at least two) different modes of transport. WR Group specialists will develop an individual multimodal solution for the transportation of products and equipment to EAEU within the framework of industrial projects of any complexity. When carrying out multimodal transportation to EAEU, WR Group uses the “sea / air transportation + railway” or “sea / air transportation + auto” plans and takes full responsibility for the safety and security of the cargo along the entire route
We will perform a comprehensive planning of the combined route with transfer points and standstills on the way, taking the delivery time into account. We provide cranes and loading equipment. We will carry out loading and unloading operations at transfer points. We will clearly coordinate vehicles along the route. We will carry out door-to-door delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world, to even the most remote parts of Russia

The need for multimodal transportation of cargoes arises when it is necessary to deliver the cargo to particularly remote destinations, where there’s no direct communication by a single mode of transport between the sender and the recipient of the cargo. A wide range of multimodal solutions from WR Group will simultaneously reduce transport costs and shorten the cargo’s delivery time.

In our multimodal supply chain, we combine the high speed of air transport, the unlimited carrying capacity and the economy of marine vessels with the unique environmental benefits of freight trains and the flexibility of trucks, reaching even the most remote parts of EAEU. This allows us to offer you the convenience of door-to-door transportation.

The WR Group team consists of experienced managers and logisticians who are well acquainted with the specifics of delivery by various types of transport

The WR Group is a reliable logistics partner for complex industrial projects, who guarantees fast and safe delivery of equipment and its components by the most optimal route, saving your time and reducing financial costs

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