Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

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Transportation of oversized cargo to Russia is a complex task that requires a comprehensive solution.

The ability to transport outsize (oversized and long) and heavy cargo may be limited not only by the characteristics of vehicles, but also by the size and carrying capacity of bridges, the size of tunnels, the presence of level crossings, power lines, etc.

WR Group specializes in the transportation of oversized cargo within the framework of large industrial projects and provides a whole range of services for organizing the transportation of non-standard cargo to Russia.
Oversized is considered to be the cargo whose parameters exceed the established norms and thus do not allow the cargo to be transported by standard means of transport, for example, in a closed road vehicle or a closed container. For each type of rolling stock, there is a different regulatory framework and, accordingly, a different definition of oversize cargo, its dimensions and weight.

Cargo parameters for standard road transport are 20 m in length, 4 m in height and 2.55 m in width together with the vehicle. All large cargoes, the dimensions of which exceed the above parameters, are classified as oversized (bulky).

Heavy cargoes in road transport are cargoes weighing more than 38 tons together with the vehicle. Heavy cargoes can be oversized at the same time.

Most often, industrial (manufacturing) equipment, as well as construction, road and other special equipment is transported as oversized and heavy cargo in project logistics. For the transportation of such goods, special technical equipment of vehicles is required, preliminary approvals and permits, as well as escort cars are often needed and much more. Delivery of heavy and non-standard cargo to Russia can be carried out by different types of vehicles: trucks, airplanes, ships, trains..

If it is necessary to transport oversized and heavy cargo to Russia, WR Group will design optimal transport and logistics delivery schemes, organize special transport and cargo escort along the entire route. In the course of organizing the transportation of non-standard cargo to Russia, WR Group undertakes both technical preparation and the preparation of the necessary accompanying documents.
  • WR Group specialists will carry out an accurate analysis of cargo parameters, develop schemes for safe cargo securing, loading and unloading, select and approve the optimal type of vehicle, inspect and approve the route.
  • We transport oversized and heavy cargo to Russia by any type of transport, taking the specifics of the infrastructure (power lines, bridge heights, etc.) into account.
  • We organize engineering and technical measures to ensure the unhindered passage of large vehicles.
  • We organize the work of special vehicles and special equipment.
  • We will carry out loading and unloading operations and transshipment from one vehicle to another.
  • We will provide escort cars.
  • We will ensure fast and safe transportation of cargo in compliance with all norms and requirements related to international cargo transportation from anywhere in the world, to even the most remote corners of the EEU and the EAEU.

WR Group will take over the organization and management of the long and complex process of transportation of oversized cargo to Russia, help to obtain the necessary permits and draw up transport documents.

When transporting oversized and heavy cargo by road, special permits are required. There are two types of special permits: for international and interregional transportation.

The issuance of special permits for oversized cargo is regulated by the “Procedure for issuing a special permit for movement of a vehicle carrying heavy and (or) oversized cargo on roads “, approved by Order of the Ministry of Transport of the EEU No. 258 of 24.06.2012.

Contact the WR Group specialists, we will conduct a detailed consultation for you, help you collect a package of documents and issue a special permit and other necessary documentation as soon as possible.

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