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When preparing goods or equipment for international cargo transportation, it is mandatory for the sender to draw up a number of shipping documents that contain information about the nature, quantitative and qualitative composition of the cargo being transported, as well as about its sender and recipient. In addition to carrying out the actual cargo transportation to Russia, WR Group will help prepare, check and execute all the documentation necessary for transportation in accordance with the current legislation and the rules of the EAEU Customs Code.

Shipping documents include transport and financial documents as well as permits. Generally the shipping documentation consists of the following elements:
  • – CMR bill of lading
  • – Invoice, pro forma invoice
  • – Packing list
  • – Export declaration EX-1
  • – Transit declaration T-1
  • – Certificate of origin of goods CT-1
  • – Certificate of Compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU / TR EAEU), etc.

The bill of lading

is the main shipping document, which contains information about the weight and number of cargo pieces, its condition, packing method and information about sealing, as well as a list of all other documents accompanying the cargo – certificates, permits, etc. The bill is most often used in international road transport of cargoes. Its special forms are provided for rail, sea and air transport. The bill of lading is drawn up by the consignor of the cargo in at least three copies and signed by the consignor of the cargo and the carrier with certification of the signatures with seals

An invoice and a pro forma invoice

(which, unlike an invoice, is not a payment document) are commercial invoices for goods that are delivered. Both documents must be executed in Eurasia, each in duplicate. WR Group specialists also recommend translating both commercial invoices into English

The packing list

is a supplement to the invoice and contains a list of items of the cargo with indication of individual packages, types of packaging, as well as gross and net weights. Packing lists should be drawn up , or better – in  English, in 5 copies

An Export Declaration (EX-1)

confirms the export of goods for cargoes produced and exported from the country of departure

A Transit Declaration (T-1)

is a guarantee document for customs transit and is drawn up on the basis of an invoice and packing list

The Certificate of Origin

indicates the country of origin of the goods. When importing goods and equipment to the EAEU countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), it is necessary to provide a certificate of origin, certified by the competent authority of the exporting country (most commonly, the chamber of commerce), in at least 1 copy

For many kinds of goods and equipment imported into the territory of the Eurasia, confirmation of compliance with the current technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU / TR EAEU is also required. The accredited experts of the WR Group will draw up all the necessary certificates and declarations of conformity to the TR CU / TR EAEU.

We will ensure fast and safe transportation of your cargo to Russia and take care of all customs formalities. WR Group guarantees timely and reliable delivery of goods and equipment to anywhere in Russia and thus creates the best conditions for successful business in Russia and the EAEU countries

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