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The temporary storage warehouse TSW is an integral part of the customs clearance procedure. WR Group will place the goods in the temporary storage warehouse and provide for the release of the cargo from the temporary storage warehouse as part of the customs clearance procedure

Each customs post has a temporary storage warehouse, which is a legal entity independent from the customs authority and is a specially equipped structure or an open area intended for temporary storage of goods. Any cargo arriving at the customs clearance post on the territory of the EAEU is placed and stored at the temporary storage warehouse for the duration of the customs declaration procedure, up to the release of the goods for free circulation

The relationship of the owner of the temporary storage warehouse with the customs declarant or his representative is based on a contract. Expenses for the placement and storage of cargo at the temporary storage warehouse, as well as the handling operations carried out with the cargo are not included in customs payments and are paid separately

WR Group organizes placement, storage and release of cargo from any temporary storage warehouse throughout Russia as part of a comprehensive package of services for customs clearance without concluding additional agreements and paying additional invoices

Temporary storage warehouse always implies the physical location of the cargo at the customs post in the customs control zone. Upon arrival of the goods for temporary storage, the customs representative must notify the customs authority of the arrival of the goods on the territory of the EAEU

WR Group will prepare and provide all the documents required for the placement of goods at the temporary storage warehouse
  • After providing documentation with information about the goods, the sender and the recipient of the goods, as well as the country of departure and destination, the customs authority is obliged to register the above documents within 1 hour
  • After registration, the goods are considered to be placed in temporary storage
  • After the goods are released from customs, the goods can leave the temporary storage warehouse. The physical release of cargo from the temporary storage warehouse is carried out, as a rule, within 1-2 hours after the documentary release of the goods by the customs authority

WR Group will prepare reporting documents DR-1 (report on the placement of goods at the temporary storage warehouse) and DR-2 (report on the release of goods from the temporary storage warehouse) and will help in resolving all issues related to the passage of customs procedures

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