Slurry pumps for a mining and processing plant
under construction in the Republic of Buryatia
WR Group transported pumping units to Ulan-Ude for operation in the mining industry
Slurry pumps
Total cargo weight
85.314 kg
Dimensions of one pump
335 x 290 x 415 cm
England - Russia, Republic of Buryatia

In October 2021, WR Group transported large pumping units for a mining and processing complex under construction in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia. Four slurry pumps with a total weight of 85 tons were delivered by a multimodal route from England to Ulan-Ude.


Logistics task and preparation of cargo transportation


WR Group’s logistics specialists had to transport the technological equipment components from the UK to Russia over a distance of 9.000 km. The transported pumps were an oversized cargo – their dimensions exceeded the parameters of a standard cargo in width and height.


The tasks of the WR Group included the preparation of shipping documents and registration of permits, the development of a logistics scheme taking into account the cargo characteristics, the provision of the necessary equipment for loading, unloading and transportation, as well as the cargo transportation itself.


When preparing the transportation, WR Group specialists developed a package of shipping documents and received permits considering the requirements in force in England. Since England withdrew from the European Union in 2020, the country’s rules on shipping and transportation differ from those in the European Union.

The flexible and outcome-oriented approach of the WR Group


At the place of loading, WR Group specialists carried out an inspection of the cargo and found out that the actual dimensions of the slurry pumps differed from the declared ones. According to the originally declared smaller size, the cargo was to be transported to Russia by land route on semi-trailer trucks.


The experts of the WR Group faced the task of re-planning the transport route and method of transportation in the shortest possible time so as not to delay the shipment of the cargo.


The WR-logisticians managed to quickly change the cargo delivery scheme using multimodal transportation. Specialists received new permits for the transportation of oversized cargo and provided equipment for the loading of slurry pumps with new larger dimensions.


Transportation of oversized cargo


The multimodal solution of the WR Group included the transportation of oversized pumps from the manufacturer’s site in England to a port in the UK, then through the port in St. Petersburg to the destination in Ulan-Ude on low loaders.


On the way, the client set an additional task for WR Group: to repackage the cargo in thermofilm. The company’s specialists organized repackaging of the equipment upon arrival at the Russian port without delays in delivery. The equipment passed many kilometers to the recipient in complete safety.