Transportation of a two-storey
wooden house from Austria
WR Group transported a two-storey house from Austria to Russia
a two-storey wooden house,
Total cargo volume
48 loading units
with a volume of 4300 m3
Total cargo weight
623,000 kg
Enns, Austria - Krasnodar Region, Russia

WR Group was commissioned to provide a comprehensive service of transporting a two-storey house from Europe to Russia, as well as organizing its customs clearance. In May 2021, the company’s specialists prepared and successfully executed the overdimensional cargo transportation. This required precise coordination of processes and resources from the WR Group.


Preparation of transportation


Transporting a massive, multi-storey building across international borders required careful planning and preparation. Cargo safety and compliance with the delivery schedule were of paramount importance for the WR Group.

For ease of shipping, the house was dismantled into modular parts that were packed in 48 oversized wooden boxes. The total weight of the cargo was 623,000 kg. The dimensions of some individual loading units reached 13.5 metres in length and 4 metres in height.

Multimodal logistics solution


WR Group’s experts specializing in oversized cargo transportation developed a multimodal solution and planned a suitable and safe transport route. A combination of sea and land transport was chosen to deliver the house from Austria to the Krasnodar region, Russia.

The entire cargo volume was transported from the haven in Enns by water using a barge combination. The WR Group’s staff needed 1.5 days to load all 48 oversized wooden boxes onto three barges with a total area of 700 square metres.

The house was transported by barge-towing train to the port of Constanta in Romania. There, the cargo was transhipped to a general cargo ship that brought the house to the Russian port. Low-loaders were used for the “last mile” from the port to the end customer. The transportation of the house from the manufacturer to the final destination took 3 weeks, including customs clearance.


Transport documentation and customs clearance


In addition to the oversized cargo transportation to Russia, the WR Group’s specialists did a great deal of work in preparing the transport documents for customs clearance. The entire house had to be cleared through customs in Russia with a single HS-Code. For several weeks, WR Group’s experts have been in close cooperation with the manufacturer, the client and the customs broker to organize a smooth import according to the given conditions. A complete and correctly prepared package of documents enabled the cargo to successfully pass all customs formalities within 24 hours.

About WR Group


Since 2014, WR Group has been operating in the Russian and EAEU markets. The international holding specializes in project logistics, certification and customs clearance and provides all these services from a single source. Companies and manufacturers worldwide from the major industrial sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, and mining, work with the WR Group.

Within the framework of project logistics, WR Group carries out international oversized cargo transportation. Some of the company’s recent projects were the transportation of a hydrocracking reactor for the gas production plant in Ust-Luga, equipment for an LNG plant and a tissue paper machine for a manufacturer in Kaluga. Non-standard cargoes are not uncommon for WR Group. In 2018, the company transported an ice stadium from Switzerland to Russia.