Salt Production Plant in Kireevsk
WR Group transported, certified and cleared a salt production plant
2018 - 2020
Salt production plant
Number of documents produced
over 10,000 pages
Diameter of the largest cargo unit
4.17 m
Place of delivery
Kaluga region, Russia

In 2020, WR Group successfully completed a project to supply equipment and plant components for the construction of a salt production plant in Russia.


WR Group was commissioned to transport the plant components from Switzerland to Kaluga, Russia and to clear them through customs, including the preparation of all necessary EAC certificates and declarations of conformity required for customs clearance and commissioning. The scope of the delivery included transportation of standard as well as oversized and heavy cargos. The successful project realisation once again demonstrated the advantages of WR Group, the company combining project logistics, customs and certification services within a single company.



All-in-One Service


WR Group was involved in the project after the supply contract was signed between the buyer and seller. In addition to the complex logistical service, WR Group provided consulting on customs declaration in Russia for the client. WR Group prepared an additional agreement to the existing supply contract, which enabled both parties to reduce the risk related to customs clearance in Russia.


WR Group specialists prepared all the necessary documentation to declare the complete plant with only one HS-Code. As a result, WR Group was able to reduce the customer’s tax burden.



Classification decision


The application for a classification decision required a very detailed description of the technological process of the transported production plant. The experts of the WR Group were responsible for the preparation of the complete package of technical documentation, including numerous specifications. In total, WR Group drafted and issued over 10,000 documents within the project period. The customs clearance procedure in Russia, which was effectively organized and carried out by the Moscow office of the WR Group, enabled the client to avoid high costs and to deliver the equipment on time.


Mobilizing all manpower and resources, WR Group managed to transport all plant components simultaneously and in the shortest possible time. All vehicles were coordinated in a precise, fast and efficient manner so that the customs clearance of the entire plant was carried out with only one customs tariff number.


WR Group’s many years of experience with customs clearance in Russia prove the necessity of a holistic approach to the organisation of companies’ export activities. WR Group ensures consolidation and management of all project-related issues by one contact person, who is a qualified expert. WR Group knows the Russian customs laws as well as regulations for export activities. WR Group attaches great importance to prior careful preparation for customs clearance of complex technological equipment and plant components, thus saving the client time and financial costs.