Medical equipment for the Nuclear Medicine Center
in Ulan-Ude
WR Group transported to Russia and cleared through customs high-tech medical equipment
Medical equipment for the early detection of oncological diseases
Total amount
176 loading units
Total weight
102,000 kg
Belgium / Italy / France - Russia, Republic of Buryatia

In the period from June to July 2021, WR Group provided a range of services for road transportation and customs clearance of high-tech medical equipment for the Nuclear Medicine Centre under construction in Ulan-Ude, the Republic of Buryatia. The company transported equipment with a total weight of over 100 tons from Belgium, Italy and France to the Russian Far East.


WR RUS LLC, a Russian subsidiary of the WR Group Holding, was responsible for preparing documents for customs clearance. Thanks to careful preliminary preparation, the transport goods quickly passed all customs formalities and were immediately released from customs inspection.


Medical equipment and the end operator


In 2020, the construction of a Nuclear Medicine Centre began in Ulan-Ude, the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia in Russia. This construction project of a specialised medical institution for the early diagnosis of oncological and cardiac diseases is of great importance for the entire Russian Far East. More than seven thousand diagnostic examinations are to be carried out at the Centre annually. 75 % of the checkups will be carried out free of charge based on state funding. The commissioning of the Centre is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.


European high-tech equipment was procured for the new Nuclear Medicine Centre: a radionuclide supplying complex for the positron emission tomographs (cyclotron), medical cabinets for working with radiopharmaceuticals, a system of highly sensitive tomographs. The transported innovative cyclotron has the highest production capacity in the world today.

Equipment transportation


WR Group decided to insure the medical equipment for the entire period of transportation to its final destination in Buryatia, considering the high cost, uniqueness and fragility of equipment.


The transportation of medical equipment was carried out in blocks, each with 2 to 4 loaded vehicles.


The peculiarity of the cyclotron transportation was that the equipment unit with a relatively small dimensions and rather large weight (more than 18 tons) has a shifted center of gravity. WR Group’s specialists provided a specially reinforced vehicle for loading. The transport engineers developed a detailed plan for loading, securing and unloading the valuable equipment.


Customs clearance


Each batch of imported equipment was cleared in the Russian Federation with only one HS-Code. Block customs clearance requires all vehicles in the block to arrive at the customs post simultaneously. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of WR Group experts and other participants involved in the transportation process, all trucks arrived at customs on time. As a result, the entire medical equipment went through customs clearance according to the schedule. Most of the imported equipment was declared at zero import duty, including exemption from import VAT.


When cleared through customs, the batch containing the cyclotron was subjected to a 100% customs inspection, which required full unloading and weighing (Article 328 of the Eurasian Economic Union Customs Code). The expensive and sensitive equipment was transported in a wooden box and sealed aluminium packaging to maintain the temperature regime and protect it from the effects of environmental humidity. Opening the packaging during inspection may have caused damage to equipment parts (tubes, electrical connections).


To protect the medical equipment and meet the delivery time, the WR RUS LLC prepared an official appeal to the Far Eastern Customs Department. This made it possible to avoid the customs inspection for this batch. The equipment was released from the customs and successfully delivered to the unloading point in Ulan-Ude.