Cryogas Vysotsk LNG
WR Group transported, certificated and cleared an LNG plant
LNG plant
Total cargo weight
~ 8000 FR T
Number of vehicles
Over 700 FTL (full truck loads),
over 50 ODC, cargo vessels,
charter aircraft
Place of delivery
Vysotsk seaport, Russia



In 2016, the Russian government ordered the construction of a terminal for the production and transshipment of liquefied natural gas in the seaport of Vysotsk, near St. Petersburg. The total project volume was estimated at 70 billion roubles. In addition to domestic consumption, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced at the terminal was to be exported to countries in the Baltic Sea region as well as to Northern Europe and Scandinavia.


The project was being realized by the company “Cryogas-Vysotsk”, a joint venture of the market giant NOVATEK with Gazprombank. NOVATEK is the largest private natural gas producer in Russia. For more than 20 years, the company has been involved in the exploration, production, processing and distribution of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons.

WR Group’s project task


The international holding WR Group implemented an individually developed comprehensive logistics solution within the Cryogas-Vysotsk LNG project and transported, certified and cleared the complex LNG production plant.


WR Logistics GmbH, part of the global holding WR Group, was commissioned by a subsidiary of NOVATEK as general logistics provider for the project. The WR Logistics was responsible for the project logistics as well as for the organizing and carrying out all transports and preparing customs clearance of the plant.


WR RUS LLC, the Russian subsidiary of the WR Group Holding, acted as customs broker in the project and was responsible for the legally compliant execution of all customs procedures. By order of NOVATEK, WR RUS LLC also carried out the “last mile” transportation of goods on the territory of Russia.


The individual components of the complex LNG production plant were transported from the EU, USA, UAE, China, India and South Korea. This required a great deal of organization and coordination. The experienced WR Group team mastered this task very well.



Preparatory work


Project logistics is a complex process of developing and implementing comprehensive logistics solutions for industrial projects. Every logistics process requires thorough preparation. WR Logistics experts held preliminary discussions with both its client and representatives of Gazprombank, the second shareholder of “Cryogas-Vysotsk”. The purpose of the initial talks was to work out the best possible solutions for efficient management of the logistics processes.


In the preparation phase, WR Group’s customs specialists continuously interacted with the manufacturers’ technical departments and the Russian customs authorities to prepare all the necessary transport documents completely and in accordance with customs requirements.


WR Logistics prepared all specifications, invoices, packing lists, descriptions and technical drawings necessary for the plant transportation.


WR Group’s logistics specialists checked the planned routes for oversize and heavy transports and determined suitable and economically advantageous routing for the customer.

EAC Certification


WR Certification, another business division of WR Group, provided certification services within the Cryogas-Vysotsk LNG project. WR Group’s own accredited experts issued EAC certificates and declarations of conformity, as well as other required certificates and verifications for the smooth customs clearance and subsequent commissioning of the plant.


WR Group’s certification body in Moscow was involved in the project as independent experts for the conformity assessment.


The WR Certification GmbH ensured the timely issuance of the EAC certificates, pattern approval certificates and fire safety certificates, as well as registration of the declarations and preparation of the necessary technical documentation.


Transport logistics


All deliveries within the Cryogas-Vysotsk LNG project were handled by WR Group on an ex-work basis. In addition, WR RUS LLC provided customs clearance of cargoes in the St. Petersburg region and deliveries to the agreed location in Russia under DAP conditions (Delivered at Place, Incoterms 2010).


WR Group has transported a total of 8000 freight tonnes of heavy equipment from various parts of the world to its destination in Russia. All deliveries, commissioned to WR Group by NOVATEK’s subsidiary as part of the project, were made on time. WR Group transported over 700 FTL (full truck loads) and organized over 50 multimodal oversize shipments by sea and land. For this purpose, the WR Group had chartered cargo aircraft and cargo ships, among others.


The experts from WR Group’s headquarter in Dusseldorf developed detailed loading plans and independently coordinated the entire logistics process. Thanks to precise planning and responsible execution, WR Group was able to ensure safe and timely delivery of the entire LNG plant to Russia.