Amur Gas Processing Plant
WR Group certified peripheral equipment for the Amur gas processing plant
EAC Certificates
EAC Declarations
Poverkas (Primary Calibrations)
Technical Documents
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One of the recent major certification projects of the WR Group was the provision of comprehensive certification services as part of the Amur GPP construction project. The scope of WR Group services included conformity assessment and EAC certification of peripheral equipment and multi-component systems, as well as metrological certification of measuring devices and development of the necessary technical documentation.


WR Group advised and supported the equipment manufacturer on certification issues at each of the five project stages. The group of companies ensured the smooth import of equipment to Russia by issuing all the necessary certificates on time and in compliance with the law.


Amur Gas Processing Plant


The Amur Gas Processing Plant (Amur GPP) is one of the largest natural gas processing plants in the world.


The construction of the Amur GPP began in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia in October 2015. About 1,000 equipment suppliers were involved in the project. The schedule for the plant construction has been extremely tight. The launch of the first production line took place in June 2021. With the commissioning of the next five production lines, the Amur gas processing plant is expected to reach full production capacity from 2025.


The Amur GPP is one of the most modern and high-tech production facilities worldwide. As of June 2021, the Amur GPP was built at 77.8%.

Conformity assessment and EAC certification


The peripheral equipment included complex systems such as automation technology, process control and safety systems, as well as analytical equipment for the industrial complex. The WR Group experts assessed the compliance of the equipment with the requirements of the technical regulations TR CU and certified system components individually as well as systems as a whole.


During the project implementation, WR Group specialists certified over 250 complex equipment units. 30 EAC certificates were issued according to the technical regulations TR CU 004/2011 (low-voltage equipment), TR CU 012/2011 (equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres) and TR CU 020/2011 (electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment) and over 50 EAC declarations were registered.


Accredited certification experts from the WR Group visited the manufacturer’s production plants in Europe and Asia and conducted production analyses and testing required for the issuance of certificates. WR Group guaranteed the arrival of the experts for testing, even at a time when crossing international borders was difficult due to the pandemic. This enabled the continuity of the certification and supply process.


Metrological certification and primary calibration


The WR Group provided its client with full support in the metrological certification. Pattern approval certification in Russia is an elaborate process that can take up to 7 months of work. Many instances are involved in this process: the certification organisation FBU “Rostest-Moskva”, that ensures state metrological control, state metrology testing bodies, that conduct sample tests, the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology “Rosstandart”, that issues pattern approval certificates.


WR Group experts took over the process coordination and communication with all state authorities. 7 980 primary calibrations of the approved measuring equipment were carried out and certified as part of the Amur GPP project.


Technical documentation


The WR Group regularly made its own certification experts available to the manufacturer so that they could prepare the necessary document packages on site, in close cooperation with the manufacturer.


Own technical writers of the WR Group developed over 2,000 pages of detailed technical documentation for various types of equipment. The documentation included technical passports, operation manuals and ignition hazard analyses.

For 3 years, WR Group was cooperating with the equipment manufacturer supplying complex automation systems for the world’s largest gas processing plant. Thanks to the comprehensive approach of the WR Group, the equipment was imported to Russia with all the necessary permits and in accordance with the schedule.