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As part of the implementation of large-scale industrial projects in the EAEU, WR Group undertakes the development of complex logistics solutions for industrial enterprises and is responsible for the timely and safe delivery, customs clearance and certification of complex technological equipment.

Project logistics is a process of development and implementation of project solutions for industrial companies, factories and manufacturers, and operational management within the framework of international supplies of complex multi-component equipment.

Delivery of large technological equipment to EAEU is a laborious process, within which it is required to organize the transportation of bulky, heavy and / or dangerous cargoes, customs clearance of equipment in an unassembled or disassembled state, certification of equipment and its components, preparation of the necessary documentation (shipping, export, customs, permissive, etc.). Knowledge of and compliance with the relevant regulations and laws is essential.

WR Group specializes in the delivery of production equipment and components to EAEU and CIS countries from different parts of the world.

We are responsible for all logistics processes within the project, provide legal support at the stage of drawing up a supply contract and accompany the client until the successful commissioning of the equipment.

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The work of the WR Group goes far beyond standard transport services and cargo transportation. Our main task is comprehensive planning and careful study of the process of organizing delivery to EAEU in order to ensure the successful commissioning of equipment in accordance with the schedule. We undertake:


Consulting services at any stage of the process


Planning the project logistics process and calculating the budget


Process management, coordination and project communication


Registration of accompanying and customs documentation


Verification of permits


Obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from government and commercial structures


Development of an economically viable route


Selection and organization of the work of the necessary special equipment


Development of schemes for safe securing of cargo, packaging in accordance with export requirements


Carrying out loading and unloading operations


Transportation of cargo by any type of transport and escort of cargo along the route


Development of multimodal transport concepts, planning of modes of transport and transshipment points


Transportation of oversized and super heavy cargo


Organization of escort vehicles


Placement of cargo for storage and organization of temporary storage warehouse


Customs clearance of cargo, including obtaining a classification solution for declaring complex multicomponent equipment under a single Customs commodity code


Conducting a conformity assessment and issuing EAC certificates and declarations required for the import of equipment into the EAEU territory and its commissioning

The complex of measures for project logistics provided by WR Group, including the management and optimization of all necessary resources, ensures the continuity of the transport network from anywhere in the world to the EAEU and the flawless implementation of a project of any complexity.

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