WR Group will provide customs clearance services for the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery

In February 2022, WR Group won a tender to provide customs clearance services for a project of the Moscow Oil Refinery. The company’s specialists will obtain a classification decision from the Russian Federal Customs Service for the customs clearance of complex oil and gas equipment to be imported into the customs territory of the Russian Federation.

The Moscow Refinery is a petroleum processing plant operated by Gazprom Neft. The oil refinery is one of the leading producers of high-octane petrol, diesel and aviation fuels.

Gazprom Neft is conducting a comprehensive modernisation at the Moscow Refinery, introducing state-of-the-art refining technologies. In 2021, construction of a deep refining complex began at the oil refinery. As part of the active construction phase, WR Group will carry out customs clearance of oil and gas equipment imported into Russia, including obtaining a classification decision.

The classification decision applies to complex equipment consisting of many different components and delivered to the consignee in several partial shipments. The submission of a classification decision essentially simplifies the customs procedure, as all parts of the equipment included in the total delivery amount can be declared under one HS code. The advantage of a classification decision is also that the equipment can be cleared at a reduced or even zero rate of duty. This significantly reduces the recipient’s costs and his company’s tax burden.

WR RUS LLC, the Russian subsidiary of WR Group, will carry out the customs clearance in Russia on site. WR RUS is a licensed customs broker and is listed in the official register of customs representatives of the Russian Federal Customs Service. The company will go through the complete customs clearance procedure for the import of procured equipment and materials, including the preparation of the necessary documentation for obtaining a classification decision.

Photo source: www.gazprom-neft.ru