WR Group joined the "Lisbon-Vladivostok" initiative

On October 22nd, WR Group officially joined the “Lisbon-Vladivostok” initiative. The Memorandum on the initiative was signed in a festive atmosphere at the EAEU conference.

The initiative was launched in 2015, and a year later the text of its memorandum was presented, consolidating the main directions and goals of the initiative. They are based on the fundamental economic freedoms – the free movement of goods, labour, services and capital.

WR Group joined the initiative at the invitation of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the co-founder of the initiative, as the main idea of ​​the initiative caused a great response from the management and experts of the group of companies.

The four main objectives of the initiative are to promote a visa-free travel throughout the territory from Lisbon to Vladivostok, uniform rules for investors, free movement of goods and services, simplified and harmonised tariff and non-tariff regulation. WR Group announced its readiness to provide special support in the field of non-tariff regulation. “We are confident that our long-standing expertise in the field of certification and technical regulation will enable us to contribute to the achievement of one of the main objectives of the initiative – the harmonization of technical norms and standards”, – said the representative of WR Group in her solemn speech.

Within the framework of the initiative, the WR Group is ready to represent the interests of German and European industry and entrepreneurs, continue to develop activities in the field of technical regulation with the support of experts from the WR Certification GmbH and to actively participate in meetings of the sub-working groups on this topic and other thematic meetings.

The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE), as well as many other associations and large companies already support the initiative. Together with them, we are convinced that the formation of a common economic space will not only contribute to the economic prosperity of the countries, but also ensure security in the Eurasian region.