WR Engineering LLC will supply equipment for SIBUR project

WR Engineering LLC (WR Group) has won a tender to supply equipment for the Tomsk petrochemical complex Tomskneftekhim, which is part of SIBUR.

The Russian holding SIBUR, being a global player in the petrochemical industry, regularly expands and modernises its production facilities. In 2021, a decision was made to modernise Tomskneftekhim, one of the largest Russian polyolefin producers.

As part of the reconstruction, the equipment for servicing the logistics platform will be renewed. WR Group will supply one of the plant components for Tomskneftekhim, namely the installation for loading bulk material into containers.

The WR Engineering, together with the engineers of Tomskneftekhim, has developed a concept and proposed the technical solution. The equipment is supposed to be made by German manufacturers. The finished equipment will be transported by WR Logistics GmbH to the construction site in the Tomsk region, where it will be commissioned in cooperation with the technical department of Tomskneftekhim.

The modernised logistics infrastructure will enable the SIBUR group of companies to increase the number of operated railway platforms on the one hand and to automate the production process and reduce downtime on the other.


The international holding WR Group, headquartered in Dusseldorf, provides services in project logistics, certification and customs clearance of industrial equipment supplied to the markets of Russia and the EAEU. As of 2020, the turnover of the WR Group Holding is 17.65 million euros. The main business areas of the WR Group are WR Certification, WR Logistics and WR Engineering.

In 2021, the subsidiary WR Engineering LLC became part of the holding. The company’s activities are focused on the implementation of engineering surveys, planning and project management for the construction of industrial plants and production facilities in Russia.

Photo source: him-nn.ru