WR Alfa Mark starts labeling beer products

The international holding WR Group and the group of companies Alfa Trans have joined forces to carry out labeling of beer in the “Chestny Znak” (engl. “Honest sign”) system.

WR Alfa Mark LLC is a new company founded by the international holding WR Group, that operates in the fields of project logistics, EAC certification and customs clearance, and the Alfa Trans group of companies, the largest customs broker and owner of several temporary storage warehouses in Russia.

From April 2021, WR Alfa Mark LLC will take part in an experiment on beer labeling, which will be conducted on the platform of the “Chestny Znak” system.

The experiment is planned as part of the implementation of the Russian Government Decree dated February 17th, 2021 No. 204 “On conducting an experiment on labeling beer, beer-based drinks, and certain types of low-alcohol drinks by identification means on the territory of the Russian Federation.” The purpose of the experiment is to test business processes and develop the most optimal solutions for both manufacturers and other participants of the distribution chain.

Combining the strengths of the two companies will allow the WR Alfa Mark LLC to become one of the largest suppliers of product labeling services.

Alfa Trans will provide the platform of Alfa Trans Terminal LLC with temporary storage warehouses (TSW) with a total area of more than 20 hectares and more than 1000 employees for the joint work on labeling. The Alfa Trans Terminal has got a positive experience in labeling various product groups. In addition, the company has already formed a material base for labeling processes: it organized customs warehouses, adapted the warehouse management system (WMS), and developed validation technologies.

The WR Group Holding has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. Well-established international logistics network, many years of experience working with foreign manufacturers and practical knowledge of foreign markets by WR Group specialists provide additional benefits to participants in the supply chain interested in experimenting.

WR Group and Alfa Trans propose to start labeling beer and beer-based drinks for deliveries to the Russian Federation now, in order to prepare the logistics processes of companies for changes in Russian legislation in 2022. You can apply with a request to any of the offices of WR Group and Alfa Trans.

The WR Alfa Mark is a future-oriented company and is developing steadily in this direction. The company also plans to participate in labeling projects for other categories of goods: packaged water, bicycles and wheelchairs. Traders will be able to join the experiment as first and smoothly adapt their business processes to new market conditions, using the unique capabilities of the WR Alfa Mark.