Wadim Rosenstein was elected new Chairman of the Working Group on Technical Regulation of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce

On July 16th, 2021, at a meeting of the Working Group on Technical Regulation, Wadim Rosenstein, the CEO of the international WR Group Holding, was elected Chairman of the Group based on the results of voting by member companies of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The voting took place in real time during the online meeting. 57% of the voters cast their votes for Wadim Rosenstein.

In his welcoming speech, Wadim Rosenstein presented proposals for the development of the Working Group activities. He submitted a proposal to include webinars on the main industrial technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 012/2011, TR CU 020/2011 and TR CU 032/2013 in the Group’s work plan. The member companies of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce as well as other representatives of the German business community will be able to participate in the webinars.

The new chairman of the working group intends to involve representatives of the Russian national regulatory authorities: Rosakkreditatsiya, Rosstandart, VNIIMS in the group’s activities. He plans to develop cooperation with the Rosstandart in the field of application of European standards in Russia. In dialogue with the Federal Accreditation Service, Wadim Rosenstein will represent the interests of foreign manufacturers and investors in assessing conformity of new equipment types.

The short-term task presented by Wadim Rosenstein is the organisation of the participation of the working group members in thematic events of the Rosstandart as well as in events of the dialogue on technical regulation with the EAEU.

The Working Group on Technical Regulation

The Working Group on Technical Regulation was established in September 2020 and aims to abolish trade barriers between the EU and EAEU countries, which are caused by differences in non-tariff regulation. Therefore, the primary task of the working group is to develop, promote and implement initiatives to harmonise technical regulation between the EU and EAEU.


The international holding WR Group, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, specialises in project logistics and certification of industrial plants with a focus on the EAEU markets and Russia, in particular. The group of companies is represented by 12 offices in 8 countries worldwide and cooperate with process equipment manufacturers exporting to Eastern Europe from all over the world, as well as major industrial companies in the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, metallurgical and mining sectors.