Strategic partnership with a leading wood chemical company

After many years of cooperation with the Austrian-German Pulp Mill Holding GmbH, WR Group Holding has become an official representative of the subsidiary company Arkhbum Tissue Group in the European market.

The WR Group Holding, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, has been a reliable partner of the Pulp Mill Holding in the field of project logistics for manufacturing plants since 2014. One of the most challenging projects of the WR Group within the framework of this partnership was the transportation of an oversized tissue paper machine to Vorsino (Kaluga region, Russia). The equipment was transported on 182 trucks. European production equipment was imported to Russia for the construction of a tissue paper mill. Today, Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC, which is part of the Pulp Mill Holding, annually produces 70 thousand tons of tissue paper and successfully sells it on the Russian market under its own brand Soffione.

Since April 2020, the WR Group has been representing the interests of Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC on the European market and is an accredited distributor of Soffione products. The shortage of toilet paper and paper towels in Germany, caused by the coronavirus crisis, prompted the WR Group to first import one batch of products from Russia. The company donated it to the University Hospital of Dusseldorf. The news aroused the interest of large federal retail chains, with which the WR Group subsequently has entered into supply contracts.

Today, WR Group imports over 100 vehicles with Arhbum Tissue Group products to Germany weekly. The cooperation with Arkhbum allowed WR Group to significantly expand the pool of subcontractors and fulfill transportation orders using round trips from Germany to Russia. The large number of vehicles on the round trip has enabled the WR Group to conclude new contracts with German manufacturers to optimize their logistics processes.