GLN and GTIN codes for the registration of product declarations in the EAEU

 Products of foreign manufacturers, that are subject to declaration in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union and the state standards of the EAEU countries, needs to be identified by the GLN code.


From July 1st, 2021, the GLN code is mandatory for product declaration in accordance with the adopted amendments in the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia № 478 of July 31st, 2020. The GLN / Global Location Number is an individual company number consisting of 13 digits, which identifies the place of production. The GLN must be entered into the unified register of the FGIS Rosakkreditatsiya (FGIS – Federal State Information System) when providing the mandatory information for the registration of a product declaration.

The GTIN / Global Trade Item Number Code is used to identify the product unit. It can be entered if available.

Where can the manufacturer get the GLN and GTIN codes?

The GLN and GTIN codes are provided by GS1, an international non-profit organisation. This independent organisation has offices in 112 countries worldwide. It is necessary to register the manufacturing company at one of the GS1 offices to obtain the codes. Then, a GLN and/or GTIN number can be applied for.

Are GLN and GTIN codes required for product certification?

The requirements for GLN and GTIN when certifying products are specified in the Decree of the Russian Government No. 1856 of November 18th, 2020. According to the document, the GLN should be mandatory submitted when registering certificates in the Rosakkreditatsiya Unified Register from August 1st, 2021. The GTIN code can be entered if available and at the applicant’s request.


WR Certification GmbH, part of the WR Group Holding, offers conformity assessment services for products of foreign manufacturers supplied to the markets of the EAEU. Accredited experts of the company undertake the complex process of issuing an EAC certificate or registering a declaration. The applicant of WR Group is a legal entity registered in the EAEU.