German-Russian Chamber of Commerce sets up a technical regulation group

On September 29, the first meeting of the working group on technical regulation took place at the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce. Alexander Tsypin, the CEO of “EBM-PAPST RUS”, became the Chairman of the working group. Wadim Rosenstein, the CEO of the “WR Group”, and Elena Yelenskaya from the “DURAG ICP Group” became the Vice-Chairmen of the group.

The group will deal with issues of certification and product declaration, standardization and market surveillance. Also, one of the group’s tasks will be to provide information support to foreign companies on relevant topics and prepare proposals for improving the conditions for doing business in Russia.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce note that over the past years there has been an active development of the issue of technical regulation. In particular, on the basis of the Representation of the German Economy in Russia, an expert dialogue on technical regulation with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has been developing since 2017. The working group of the Chamber, in turn, interacting with foreign business, will develop an appropriate set of issues that companies face when entering the markets of Russia and the EAEU countries.

In conditions when most of the countries of the world, being members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), regulate their tariff policy in accordance with its rules, the role of non-tariff regulation has increased significantly.

“Starting to work in the markets of the EAEU countries, foreign business primarily faces the problem of assessing their products for compliance with the requirements of technical regulations,” said Wadim Rosenstein, Vice-Chairman of the Group. “In accordance with the Treaty on the Establishment of the EAEU, technical regulation has been transferred to the supranational level. The problem of certification and declaration of conformity of products is relevant for foreign companies, since the requirements and procedures established in Russia differ significantly from those adopted in Europe. European permits have no direct legal force on the territory of the EAEU, and the technical regulations of the CU / EAEU and the standards applied are not interchangeable with European directives. The lack of transparency for a detailed understanding of the legal framework makes it difficult for international companies to enter the EAEU markets. “

Therefore, one of the main tasks of the working group is the complete and systematic informing of German entrepreneurs about the intricacies of procedures and about changes in the field of technical regulation.

Wadim Rosenstein, the CEO and the founder of the WR Group, represented in 7 countries, has many years of experience in the Russian market. The actively developing company is a recognized specialist in the field of certification and standardization for many European and Asian manufacturers of technological equipment. As part of the implementation of large turnkey EPC projects, the group of companies offers services in three key areas: project logistics, certification and customs clearance, while focusing on the Russian market. Thus, Rosenstein will be able to bring his professional experience in the work of the group and put forward initiatives that promote economic cooperation between countries.