Changes in the EAEU legislation: Foreign manufacturer should follow the updated procedure for importing products

On January 30th, 2022, EEC Council Decision No. 130 from November 12, 2021 “On the import procedure of products subject to mandatory conformity assessment in the EAEU into the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union” entered into force.

Changes in the EAEU legislation may affect the planning of deliveries and the procedure for importing into the customs territory of the EAEU for foreign product and equipment manufacturers. The changes concern the use of the EAEU certificates and declarations of conformity.

In accordance with clause 10 of Decision No. 130, all imported products subject to the Technical Regulations of the EAEU, as before, should have an EAEU certificate or declaration of conformity.

The procedure for using certificates of conformity for serial products remains unchanged. During the validity period, the following persons have the right to use them:

– a person acting as an applicant in the framework of the conformity assessment procedure;

– a person authorized by the applicant or manufacturer.

In accordance with Decision No. 130, the changes are as follows.

1. The right to use EAEU certificates/declarations issued for a product series can be transferred by the power of attorney. Additionally, copies of transmitted certificates and declarations of conformity must be certified by the seal and signature of the applicant.

2. When issuing a certificate or declaration for a batch of products or a single product, the applicant must be exclusively a person who will subsequently import the specified products into the EAEU.

Our service options for your smooth deliveries

Due to changes in the EAEU legislation, WR Group has adapted its service offer for you. Our value-added individual service will allow you to continue product supplying to the EAEU countries uninterruptedly and with minimal costs.

WR Group has been specializing in comprehensive services for manufacturing companies around the world since 2014: our experts assess the conformity of products, transport and store goods, and also carry out customs clearance in the EAEU.

From February 2022, WR Group offers you the following service options:

1. We will prepare the necessary technical documentation and a declaration draft for your product batch WITHOUT registering the approval documents in the State Register of the EAEU. You should independently submit the application, register the documents in the Unified Register and handle the import procedure including customs clearance.

2. We will prepare the necessary technical documentation, assess the conformity of your products and issue a certificate for the product batch or register a declaration, including transportation and customs clearance of your goods in the EAEU.

3. We will prepare the necessary technical documentation, assess the conformity of your products and issue a certificate for a product series* or register a declaration. You should import goods on your own.

To get more information, please contact the experts of WR Group.