171 certification bodies and laboratories in Russia without accreditation

On November 6th, 2020, the fourth meeting of the Interdepartmental Council of the National Quality Infrastructure was held. During the meeting, the issue of the possibility of work of accredited persons in the field of mandatory conformity assessment of products according to the legal requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union was discussed.

As a result of four meetings of the inter-ministerial council, it was decided to exclude 171 accredited persons from the national part of the unified register. Negative decisions of the council accounted for 30% of all those submitted for consideration.

Accredited persons, in respect of whom the decision to withdraw accreditation has been made, cannot work in the field of mandatory conformity assessment of products in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, determined by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of September No. 1236. December 21, 2019. These persons can only work in areas that do not require inclusion in the national part of the Register.

WR Certification (WR Group) encourages you to verify the accreditation of individuals offering certification or laboratory testing services. A laboratory test certificate or protocol issued by a person who does not have the required accreditation will be withdrawn.

You can check the accreditation of the certification body or laboratory on the official website of the Federal Accreditation Service.

WR Certification has its own accredited certification body and its own accredited certification experts as before. We guarantee the issuance of certificates and declarations in accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the legislation of the Russian Federation.