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The WR Group’s activities are characterized by the integrated approach to the organization of foreign economic activity and comprise all issues related to its performance within one company

WR Group specialists will manage the preparation and filing of the electronic export declaration
  • We will check the shipping documents and draw up an ATA carnet
  • We will consult on all issues of export to Russia and the EAEU
An export declaration is an international document confirming the export of goods in foreign trade transactions and is required to be submitted as part of export customs clearance before exporting goods from the country

The agreed delivery terms for INCOTERMS usually determine in whose area of ​​responsibility the submission of the export declaration lies. Registration by both the seller and the buyer is possible. Often the obligation to complete the export declaration is transferred to the transport company

In the European Union, export declarations are processed electronically. WR Group specialists have access to a pan-European software platform on which the preliminary registration of the export declaration at the location of the goods is carried out

A correctly completed and filed electronic export declaration will allow the foreign supplier to confirm the declared zero VAT rate

WR Group will take care of closing the export declaration at the moment the goods cross the customs border of the EAEU and thus allow the buyer of the goods to avoid paying intra-European VAT

You can check the closure of the export declaration here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/dds2/ecs/ecs_home.jsp? Lang = en

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