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WR Group provides services for registration of customs declarations for any type of cargo

We will perform declaration in accordance with the requirements of the current EAEU Customs Code. We will fill out and promptly submit a declaration, we will release the goods as soon as possible

With the entry of the Treaty on the EAEU Customs Code from January 1, 2018 into force, customs declaration is carried out in electronic form. The cargo customs declaration contains information about the goods, the customs procedure and other data necessary to confirm the legality of the fact of the movement of goods across the customs border of the EAEU

Declaration of goods is carried out in several stages and, if the data is correct and error-free, it takes several hours. The declaration procedure includes:
  • Filling out and registering a declaration for goods
  • Verification of the Customs commodity code by the customs authority
  • Verification of compliance of the declared and actual customs value
  • Payment of the necessary customs fees
  • Control of currency transfers to the bank account

There are several exception cases, in which customs declaration in writing is allowed, for example, when carrying out customs transit, when importing goods for personal use, for the case of vehicles of international transport, etc

Contact the WR Group specialists, we will conduct a detailed consultation for you, help you collect a package of documents and issue a special permit and other necessary documentation as soon as possible.

We will help you to prepare the necessary package of documents in advance and ensure that the declaration procedure goes through and the goods are released as soon as possible

In addition, our specialists will advise you on the preparation of export and shipping documentation. As an additional service, we will check the documentation prepared by you, including the necessary permits, as well as draw up the EAC certificates in accordance with the current Technical Regulations of the TR CU if necessary

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