WR Group provides a full range of services for escorting goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation and the EAEU, including a set of measures for customs clearance in accordance with the current customs legislation of the Customs Code of the EAEU

We will provide a full range of customs clearance services as part of the logistics process within an industrial project of any complexity, from the preparation of a foreign economic transaction to the release of goods for free circulation

We will provide support in the correct execution of foreign trade contracts, commercial, customs and other documents. We will form and check the documentation package. We will define the measures of non-tariff control, prohibitions and restrictions. We will organize obtaining permits. We will define the customs procedure. We will choose the place of customs clearance. We will provide consultations on any special issues

The basis of a successfully completed customs declaration and release of goods into circulation in the shortest possible time is a thorough advance preparation

WR Group guarantees the passage of the customs procedure in 8 steps:


Study and analysis of the foreign trade contract, shipping documentation, technical descriptions


Discussion and agreement on the terms of customs clearance


Choosing the place of customs clearance


Conclusion of a contract for the services provided


Preparation of a complete set of documents for customs clearance and calculation of customs payments


Submitting the declaration to the customs authorities


Processing requests from customs authorities and maintaining communication in the process of customs clearance and control


Release of the goods into free circulation

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