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WR Certification GmbH is one of the leading European service providers for conformity assessment of products supplied to EEU and Ukraine.

As a part of the WR Group holding, we support companies and industrial manufacturers from all over the world operating in EEU and CIS markets with our certification services.


How We Work


We have own certification body on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union


We specialize in certification of industrial equipment in accordance with the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union TR CU /TR EAEU and have the appropriate accreditation


We send and import samples for testing to the territory of the EEU and clear the samples in accordance with current regulations of customs clearance of products samples


We have own accredited certification experts on the territory of the EAEU and EU


We provide services of an applicant in the EEU, that is a registered legal entity in the EAEU territory


We have practical knowledge of EEU law and we’ll provide complete legal security


We work in accordance with the latest amendments to the Technical Regulations and take full responsibility for compliance with all standards and laws


Issuance of certificates and declarations in the shortest possible time

Concentration of the entire workflow in one hand

Detailed expert consultations and support 24/7

Transparency of processes and project communication due to projects digitalizing

Full range of services from the development and translation of technical documentation, preparation of a package of necessary documents and certificates to audit of documents before commissioning


With the establishment of WR Certification GmbH, the foundation of today’s WR Group holding was laid.

The company, founded by Wadim Rosenstein in 2014 and headquartered in Dusseldorf, initially provided consulting services to German equipment manufacturers exporting to EEU, and then began to specialize in conformity assessment of products and equipment supplied from Europe to EEU.

In 2015, the first EEU branch was opened. In 2018, WR Certification became a co-owner of a certification body in EEU, which successfully passed through the procedure of state accreditation.

Currently, WR Group has 11 offices in 8 countries: Germany, EEU, Ukraine, Lithuania, Korea, USA, Italy and France. It specializes in managing and assisting companies in major industrial projects in EEU and other EAEU and CIS countries, being a recognized expert in logistics, certification and customs clearance.



Own certification body

WR Group is a co-owner of a certification body registered in the EEU.

Our certification body conducts conformity assessments and independently issues certificates in accordance with the requirements of basic industrial technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 012/2011, TR CU 016/2011, TR CU 020/2011, TR CU 032/2013.

We will confirm the compliance of products with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union TR CU/TR EAEU with guaranteed meeting of delivery schedules and terms of commissioning.

Accredited certification experts of WR Group will assess conformity according to the Technical Regulations TR CU/ TR EAEU and issue ЕАС certificates and declarations in shortest possible time, that completely excludes possible risks, losses, and reputation damage for your company.

With its own certification body, WR Group is your reliable partner in the international services market.

Logistics, Certification, Customs from a single source

International deliveries of industrial equipment is an intricate logistics task that requires complex and, at times, non-standard solutions

Each project of this kind is unique and demands individual approach, flawless planning, precise coordination and legal competence. The WR Group specialists have deep knowledge and many years of experience in planning, managing and implementing processes for the supply of complex technological equipment

WR Group develops individual integrated solutions for the implementation of industrial projects of any complexity and ensures fast and safe transportation of cargoes to EEU from anywhere around the world, including their certification and customs clearance

We provide support at all stages of the logistics process: from legal support in drawing up a supply contract to ensuring the successful commissioning of equipment, with a stagewise control of each project phase

We specialize in transportation of all types of cargo, including oversized, heavy and dangerous ones
  • – We will select the best type of transport and develop a route taking the specifics of the infrastructure (power lines, bridge heights, etc.) into account
  • – We use multimodal solutions to reduce time and financial costs
  • – We will calculate the possible risks and ensure the safe delivery of the equipment on time
  • – We will fully take over project management and project communication
  • – We will consult on the issues of documentary support of the project
  • – We will help you arrange and check the shipping and export documentation
  • – We will perform customs declaration and provide the necessary certificates
  • – We are responsible for full legal security within your project
Each project implemented by WR Group is a precisely calculated combination of logistics solutions

We have successfully implemented over 50 projects in the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, metallurgical and mining industries. Over the many years of experience with numerous international companies and manufacturers, WR Group has firmly established itself as an expert in the field of project logistics, customs clearance and certification

Offices Around the World

The international holding WR Group is represented by 11 offices in 7 countries of the world: Germany, EEU, France, USA, South Korea, Ukraine and Lithuania

Frequently Asked Questions

WR Group specialists answer frequently asked questions:

Why do I need product certification?

Certification is required to verify the safety of products imported or put into circulation in the Eurasian Economic Union or in any other country. Certification is carried out by checking and verifying the conformity of the products with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union or other state norms and standards that are applicable here.

What is the difference between a GOST certificate and an EAC certificate?

The GOST certificate is valid only within the territory of the specified country in accordance with the state standards and established requirements with which the conformity of products are assessed (GOST R — in the EEU, GOST B — in Belarus, GOST K — in Kazakhstan, GOST U — in Uzbekistan). The EAC certificate has legal force throughout the EAEC. Since the adoption of the Federal Law on Technical Regulation No. 184-FZ, dated 27.12.2002, the system of Technical Regulations has been applied to verify the conformity of product quality, and the GOST standards system has been abolished.

How long does the certification process take?

The terms of the certificate or declaration may vary depending on the equipment, the time of testing, the scheme of conformity verification, the need to analyze the state of production, the type of document, etc. The certificate is issued within 45 working days (often not later than 21 working days) after the submission of all necessary documents and the successful testing of samples. It takes 5 working days to issue a declaration of conformity.

Is the certificate valid only in the country of issue?

The certificate issued in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union is valid throughout the Eurasian Economic Union. A certificate issued by another certification system is valid only in the territory of the country that issued the certificate.

What is the difference between a certificate and a declaration?

Both the certificate and declaration verify the quality and safety of the product and have the same legal force and validity period. The difference is a) in the procedure of registration: the applicant can personally register the declaration, and he or she must apply to an accredited certification body to obtain a certificate; and b) in the distribution of responsibility: the issued declaration is the sole responsibility of the applicant/producer while the certificate is the responsibility of the applicant/producer and the certification body.

Which certificate is required for which products?

The need for one certificate or another is determined by the type of product, the HS code and the applicable scope of the product.

Why do I have to test a certified product in a test lab?

Conducting laboratory tests is necessary to verify the conformity of the product to the applicable requirements of the TRCU or GOST in order to compare the results obtained during the tests with the required indicators of product testing. Since European certificates and test reports have no legal force in the territory of the EAEC and the CIS, the only basis for registration of an EAC certificate or a GOST certificate of conformity is a laboratory test report from an accredited laboratory in the EAEC or another relevant state.

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